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About us

Valerie Maduri


As President of X Factor Media, Valerie focuses on one-on-one client relationships. She also oversees production and edits client commercials.


Valerie, as a minority business owner, is interested in providing a service that creates economic growth in all communities.​​​​​​​​​​

Christopher Maduri 
Managing Partner

Christopher brings over 30 years of sales, marketing, and operational experience to X Factor Media. As Senior Vice President and General Manager of CBS Radio, AMFM Radio, and Independent Group Ltd, he guided these companies to success. Adding to his diversified background, he managed and promoted various recording artists in the record industry for CBS, EPIC, MCA and EMI Records.


Christopher's experience is far reaching and can affect successful marketing campaigns on a local and national level.

Areal Cesario
Partner, Strategic Advertising and Marketing

Areal's background includes television and radio sales. Her roles include sales and marketing, negotiating contracts, advertising placement, new business development and contract fulfillment execution.  


Areal's experience and attention to detail guarantee marketing and advertising campaigns deliver what they promise.  

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